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Steam Tuesday on Caffeinated Neutral – July 31st

Not only is it the last day of July, it’s also Steam Tuesday! I’ve got a few things lined up for today’s post that I found over the past week. I’m very happy to be bringing you some new additions to the wonderful world of Steampunk. If you like anything I’ve posted about or have […]

She was my favorite Romana

As a long time Doctor Who fan, I was saddened by yesterday’s news about Mary Tamm. Her portrayal of a young, adventurous and intelligent female Time Lord stuck with me. Romanadvoratrelundar was an amazing counterpart to the Doctor. She wasn’t a frail human in need of protection while growing into her own – she was […]

Steam Tuesday on Caffeinated Neutral – July 24th

Happy #SteamTuesday everyone. I’ve been a fan of all the posts on twitter for this wonderful hashtag but now that I have a site of my own, it’s time to do some regular posting in honor of the day. Now, I’m not saying the things posted below are necessarily new or that others haven’t posted […]

You LARP? Is that a thing?

So the weekend is rolling up to meet me and I’ll actually be busy… though some seem to question the validity of my plans: Running through a forest dressed like a Renaissance Faire worker while hitting people with foam swords. For slightly under a year now, I’ve spent one weekend a month in the forests […]

Stereotypical First Post

And herein lies the challenge that I set before myself… what good is yet another blog when the internet is already full of them? So honestly, I’m pretty sure every blogger under the sun has decided to start off a site somewhere with the obligatory post about their life history, work history, amazing goals and […]


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