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Space Nazis!

With a title like that, how could you not want to read on? ~My theory on the next big movie and book trend. This is not completely serious but I’m throwing may hat in the ring and choosing Space Nazis as the “next big thing”. I know it’s not a new concept but then neither […]

No Scheduled Post Today

Just wanted to apologize that there will not be a regularly scheduled Steam Tuesday Post today. Due to my long weekend, life and other conflicts, there just wasn’t the time to write up something worthwhile and I didn’t want to just phone it in with all filler garbage. Once again, I apologize and hopefully will […]

How about some Coffee?

With a name like Caffeinated Neutral, there sure is very little about actual Caffeine. While I do drink upwards of 20 cups of coffee a day, my entire life does not revolve around caffeine contrary to popular belief. But how about I fix the above issue and give a little talk about some awesome coffee […]

Steam Tuesday on Caffeinated Neutral – Aug 21st

Anyone have a spare $2,000 for an incredible Steampunk replacement arm? There’s a whole bunch of things I’ve marked as a favorite on my Etsy account that I know I will never reasonably be able to own. One such item is the “Dr. Grimmelore Superior Replacement Arm” from BruteForce Studios. This impressive piece of craftsmanship […]

The Hoverboard is You!

Transhumanity, Singularity and the Confusing Ambiguity of it all. Because sometimes it’s fun playing an intelligent cephalopod in a cybernetically enhanced vat-grown human body with the ability to switch genders every week. My Life as a teenage Computer Program Every day there are people busy working to achieve human immortality, build sentience in the form […]


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