Space Nazis!

With a title like that, how could you not want to read on?

~My theory on the next big movie and book trend.

Need to make things more evil? Just add Nazis!This is not completely serious but I’m throwing may hat in the ring and choosing Space Nazis as the “next big thing”. I know it’s not a new concept but then neither is zombies, vampires and werewolves.

During RetCon the other weekend, I had a discussion with a local game store owner friend of mine who mentioned zombie RPGs were selling really well lately which lead us to talk about what the next big thing would be. We felt ultimately that zombies, vampires and werewolves were waning and that something else needed to take its place.

Uncertain of what may be coming down the line, I blurted out “Space Nazis!” (Which got me a few odd looks from the other people in the Vendor Room) and my Store Owner buddy promptly pulled up Iron Sky.

Iron Sky is a brand new film about Nazis with a Moon base who are gearing up to retake earth. As far as I know, it hasn’t been released in North America yet but I’m looking forward to it.

I thought to myself, “This is a perfect start!” Who didn’t love shooting Nazis in For a time, we thought that History of the World: Part 2 would actually get made... we did get Spaceballs though so that is almost "Jews in Space".Wolfenstein 3D back in the 90s, or the hilarity of the Jews in Space joke at the end of History of the World: Part I (and Spaceballs, the spiritual successor of that joke), or Hellboy’s mystical and clockwork Nazis? This could open up all sorts of nostalgia for people.

Putting them in space (though not a new concept) opens up a number of possibilities. Think of the Call of Duty expansions they could have instead of shooting zombies, the opportunity for both serious Space Nazis and humorous Space Nazi movies and books, and everyone loves shooting virtual Nazis.

These things are cyclical so all you need to do is look back a handful of years or decades and notice we’ve had movies about Nazis in Space, Space Nazi Vampires, and other odd combinations. We like pulling from our past and revamping older ideas into slightly newer ones.

Taking Bets

So who else wants in on this bet? What do you think is going to be the next big thing? Are you pushing for next trend to be Cthulhu-esque horror? Victorian Steampunk Girl Detectives? Live Action My Little Pony? (Please not that last one… 1st, you’d be amazed at the amount of MLP Nazi pics you can find on Google… 2nd, I don’t get the whole “Bronies” thing even though I know a few).

What’s your prediction and what do you think of mine? Let me know in the comments or drop me a line at

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