Steampunk Tattoos

Cog and Ink, a Great Pair.

So, I’m in the mood to write about tattoos today… and for a very good reason. I actually went out to get my third tattoo done. I think by now though we’ve all seen more than enough tattoo posts online about all the godawful ones that exist out in the world (I’m thinking of you SNL Skit Chippendales Patrick Swayze Centaur). Instead  I figured I might as well do a post about steampunk and clockwork related tattoos.

Clockwork Tattoo Parlor

I can imagine a place where steam powered automatons built to perfectly recreate any design idle quietly while waiting for their next customer and then whirr to life with the beautiful sound of springs unwinding and gears moving whilst the occasional burst of steam comes forth. No one in that world would probably consider getting gears and cogs and robots etched into their skin forever since its part of their everyday life and not a romanticized vision of a bygone era.

Luckily, we don’t live in that world and a number of us have gone through the trouble getting inked up with some amazing designs. In my case, my second tattoo is lightly steampunk inspired as one of the two major portions of the design is a gear. My new one is a clockwork songbird with all the wonderful gears and clock mechanisms. Enough about me though… I’m not here to write solely about myself.

On to the show…

Included here are some of my favorites that I have found recently. I used to have more pictures of steampunk and clockwork related tattoos but they are all saved on a desktop hard drive that is currently lost amidst junk and slowly collecting dust until the day I have an adequate computer desk for it.

Now it’s your go…

Do any of you have steampunk and clockwork related tattoos? Seen any amazing ones online that you’d like to share? Do you know the artists you completed these tattoos so I can give them some sort of attribution on the post to lead people to their sites? Have you read any great related blog posts out that that you feel would be a good read for myself and other readers of this blog? Share what you’ve got!

Considering about a 1/4th of Americans have tattoos, I’d assume there are a fair number of people here and over on the Facebook page who must have some ink. Show us yours if you’ve got them! Also, you can drop me a line at and join the fun over on our Facebook page as well.

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