Happy End of November

So many holidays!

With today being the last day of November, that means that your days are numbered until any one of probably 7 or more December holidays. It might seem to soon to start saying it but Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hopefully none of you are offended by “happy holidays” because I’m tired of the yearly news reports about whether its politically correct to say Happy Holidays or if you’re being disrespectful by saying Merry Christmas or if you’re being disrespectful by not saying Merry Christmas. Someone always seems to decide to have their feelings hurt by whatever holiday greeting is chosen to be used in their general direction and i’m tired of people complaining.

Daredevil, Black Panther, Ben Grimm and Darkseid show their "Holiday" spirit.

Whatever your religion, denomination, background, etc. Happy Holidays!

Everyone gets a holiday in December…

Or at least it seems that way. If you don’t have a holiday in December, I’m sorry but you can always make your own to celebrate with friends or choose one of the nondescript non-denominational holidays.

Next weekend is the start of Hannukah which runs from the 8th to 16th, Christmas is the 25th, Kwanzaa is the last week of the month, Festivus is the 23th, the Winter Solstice is the 21st, Decemberween is 55 days after Halloween, and Ramadan has been celebrated in December in the past and will likely fall again during this time in the 2030s. Then of course there’s Boxing Day on the 26th and New Year’s Eve on the 31st or you could celebrate the coming of the Krampus and the Resurrection of Mithra if you wanted.

So if you’re Jewish and someone tells you Merry Christmas or you’re Catholic and someone says Happy Holidays…. don’t be offended this year by it because there are so many holidays this month and people usually can’t tell your religious background or holiday affiliations just by looking at you. Be impressed that you can live in a place so blended and full of numerous peoples without fear of retaliation because you weren’t born a certain way. If complaining about holiday greetings is your only worry this year then you’re luckier than most of the world.

That’s it…

Happy Holidays everyone. Go out and buy your kids, your friends and your family lots of presents for whatever holiday it is they personally celebrate. Now is the time for us to gather round trees, bushes, candles and poles to celebrate various things. Let’s be civil about it this year, crack open a beer with friends or a non-alcoholic beverage for those of you who don’t or can’t drink, play some boardgames together, listen to holiday music, stuff ourselves at Holiday dinners and have a good time… you know, in case the world really does end on December 21st (Just kidding :P).

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  1. I feel the same way. And if I happen to give holiday greetings for a holiday that you don’t happen to celebrate, try to remember this: it’s still a day, and that’s reason enough to be happy dammit!

    Happy Life Day!

  2. Wise words.

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