Steam Tuesday on Caffeinated Neutral – Jan 8th 2013

Industrialization on Middle Earth

It seems everything popular eventually gets the “Steampunk” treatment. It doesn’t matter if the original was sci-fi, western or fantasy in nature. So I decided to do a little online research for how some people have re-imagined the world of Tolkien. This was mainly inspired by having gone to see The Hobbit with my girlfriend recently. Numerous fledgling artists have transformed Middle Earth into a world of steam powered monstrosities, goggled heroes and brass burnished armor.

Below are a handful of the images that I’ve found which were inspired by the Lord of the Rings series:

Steampunk Witch King of Angmar from the Lord of the Rings

Steam Witch King by maxarkes

A ring-bearing, gun-toting, cigarette smoking Frodo with a steampunk feel.

A steampunk Hobbit by teylen

Battle ready Arwen in a steampunk inspired mode of dress

This is a steampunk Arwen by rocketraygun (though I’m not sure what makes her Arwen as opposed to just an elf).

Steampunk Gunslinger who likes quite a bit like a modified Gandalf.

This came up in a search form “Steampunk Gandalf” although further research shows it isn’t but I still thought it worth adding here. (by Renan Lima

The horrors of a steampunk dragon.

Doesn’t this Steampunk dragon by kerembeyit ( just make you think of Smaug?

Thanks for coming…

There were so many images of dwarves and goblins I could’ve added here but none of them really evoked a sense of LOTR at all and were mainly your stereotypical dwarf with goggles or goblin bomber image.┬áLet me know what you think or what images I should have included here by leaving a comment or emailing us at and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook.

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