Steam Powered Giraffe at Steampunk World’s Fair

Steampunk World’s Fair May 17th – 19th, 2013

Probably one of the biggest and best Steampunk conventions around is the Steampunk World’s Fair. Though they would prefer to call themselves a festival (and have some good reasons why they are a festival not a convention). Held every year in Piscataway, NJ this is considered by many to be “one of the best Steampunk festivals in the world.” Featuring numerous shows, Absinthe Tasting, High Tea, and a symposium track full of intellectual discussion.

Featuring Steam Powered Giraffe

The musical pantomime troupe Steam Powered Giraffe are among one of my favorites (and my girlfriend’s favorite Steampunk band of all time). Not only is the music great, but the show they put on and their commitment to playing the role of automatons makes them stand apart from other brass and brown, goggled musicians. Over the past year they’ve gone through some changes including a switch in the band members. While my original favorite robot, The Jon, left the troupe, my favorite human of the band, Sam, was transformed into the newest automaton “Hatchworth“.

This year, Steam Powered Giraffe are scheduled to appear at the Steampunk World’s Fair. Well, the calendar over at has them scheduled for it but the Steampunk World’s Fair website is not the easiest to navigate and the best I can find is a post from Sept ’12 that says the coordinators are in negotiations with SPG to appear.

Go Buy Tickets

If you live in the Northeast, this is one of the best steampunk conventions/festivals you could ever attend. If you’re extremely local then it’s best not to worry about hotels and just make the drive. If you’re coming from out of state I have to warn you that hotel space usually runs out quick. It’s possible all the closest hotels are full up for the weekend already. I’m not 100% certain that my girlfriend and I will be attending yet but if we do then there will be an after-post with photos if possible. Tickets for the event can be purchased at

And now to help you kill some time…

Here’s a youtube clip from the first appearance of Hatchworth at Youmacon ’12

Thanks for coming

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  1. Thank you for your really kind words! Steam Powered Giraffe is confirmed for this year’s World’s Fair! And I’d gladly take advice on how to improve the website’s navigation – suggestions are very much welcome!!

    1. Well, now that you confirmed it I’m pretty sure my girlfriend will be buying tickets and finding a hotel for us for the weekend. As for the SPWF site, i think it’s all the long scroll pages and lack of concise page hierarchy that gets me a bit turned around.

  2. Well, grand! We *do* have an official overflow hotel now, which *should* have rooms available in the next 1-2 business days..that’s The Hotel Somerset-Bridgeawater –

    I don’t suppose you happen to have a suggestion for a better page hierarchy? I do think that more lists would make life saner. We *could* also make it so that the current pages have more content per page, and thus one would need to click much less often. Also, it’s possible that the “search” function has a witty name which means nobody can find it/tell it’s the search function…

    1. Though i work in the SEO industry, i wouldn’t want to give out advice on certain aspects of the SPWF site without first speaking to whoever does your SEO and getting a better look at analytics and crawl diagnostics. (No, I’m not fishing for side work either.) Not that my own site is perfect (not even close) but the things wrong with CN are mainly due IMO to WordPress limitations from not self-hosting. I will say though that SPWF is not lacking in the content department.

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