Parkour in 1930

The skills, grace and fluidity of Parkour have always impressed me.

If I were half my weight and still had the build I did back when I played long stick midfield in lacrosse then I would want to learn the skills and athleticism inherent in parkour. If you don’t know what parkour is then a good explanation would perhaps be “freestyle urban running”. Essentially you use the landscape around you to rather fluidly traverse rooftops, handrails, scaffolds, walls and so on. Originally it was created as part of training developed out of military obstacle courses.

As I was stumbling through the internet (Yes, using StumbleUpon), I came upon a video titled “Parkour in the Year 1930″. The video below is the same one but from YouTube instead due to the lack of embed code on the other site. Much of what this video shows would indeed be considered parkour. There are a few instances where we could argue not (e.g. the part where he rides inside of a giant wheel) but overall its pretty interesting to contrast and compare this much older video (which I think may have originally been from a commercial of sorts) with some newer parkour videos.

Now, without further ado I give you….

Parkour in the Year 1930

Flashback (Daniel Arroyo 2011)

For a little bit of comparison to something closer to today’s date… here’s Daniel Arroyo’s compilation video of parkour clips of his from 2011.

Thanks for watching…

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  1. Wow, nice find on StumbleUpon! What I think is really interesting is the similarities between the movements on the black and white footage and the 2011 compilation. Those are some impressive sequences!

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    @SykOse. Live. Extreme.

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