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Cover art to Caravan Palace's 2012 electro swing album Panic.

Caravan Palace

Not a location in an RPG featuring pseudo-gyspies… So I was going through the vastness of the internet recently trying to find music that I really like. Normally I have a horrible memory when it comes to the names of bands and their songs except when they’re either very mainstream or something I’ve been listening […]


Single Descriptor Syndrome

Or how you suck at being creative… You might have a better name for it but Single Descriptor Syndrome (SDS) is the one thing that single-handedly destroys immersion in tabletop RPGs for me. I’ve heard tons of people complain about it without knowing what to call it. Some may just say its laziness and others […]

Steampunk Shake

Harlem Shake goes Steampunk Actually, what the hell is the Harlem Shake anyway? Over the past week (maybe less) I’ve seen at least 7 videos featuring the Harlem Shake, follow the same exact format, and damn near everyone is sharing these around. I don’t really get the popularity of this yet but for the sake […]

Science Saved My Soul

Nothing I write will do this justice, just watch it. I’ve already spent far too long writing and re-writing what I was going to say here but ultimately you just need to watch this video. Its been around for a few years now and rewatching it this weekend was awe-inspiring. The following video has made […]

The logo from the Australian tv series Hungry Beast.

The Perfect Soldier

Building better soldiers though medicine & technology Any of you who have played or read through the books for Eclipse Phase will immediately see the outcomes of the proposed technologies and medical enhancements in today’s video. The things they talk about are the potential real world equivalents of circadian regulation, reflex boosters, mnemonic augmentation, and […]


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