Caravan Palace

Not a location in an RPG featuring pseudo-gyspies…

So I was going through the vastness of the internet recently trying to find music that I really like. Normally I have a horrible memory when it comes to the names of bands and their songs except when they’re either very mainstream or something I’ve been listening to regularly for long enough that my brain decides to make the correct associations and pathways. One thing that still gets me is the myriad of genres that are out there and how they blend together.

I stumbled across the group Caravan Palace and immediately recognized it as a mash of musical genres I liked but I really had no idea that Electro-Swing was an actual thing. My immediate thought was that it reminded me of the Mr. Scruff song on the Zen: A Retrospective CD that I wore out playing in my car all of the time in the late 90’s/early 00’s.

Not understanding the vastness of musical genres and their many, many variations has been a burden in my life… mainly due to the fact that most of my friends over the years have been musicians, musically inclined, or musically talented whereas I am not. Weird conversations with friends of friends of friends would happen to me regularly where they’d go off about whatever strange genreĀ  was attributed to the song that was playing and how it fit into the influences of the greater whole. Normally the conversation went like thus:

Them: You like Dwarven Proto Funk?
Me: What?
Them: Well its a cross between Gnomish Nu-Metal Jazz and Third Wave Elven Trip Funk with remnants of earlier Half-Elvish Electro-Dance Big Band Orchestral tracks that eventually spawned the Dwarven Yellow Samba subgenre….
Me: …. why did I black out and whose blood am I covered in? (as I sit on the floor of a musty cellar lit by one swinging light bulb while a record skips in the distance)

I have no idea the subtle nuances that somehow created musical genres like Buttrock GOA, 2-Step Garage Breakbeat, Happy Gabber, Trancecore, Illbient, and so forth.

But what I do know is that Caravan Palace’s stuff is downright awesome.

Caravan Palace – Dramophone

So this week’s Monday Video offering is the official video for Caravan Palace’s song Dramophone. Caravan Palace is a French Electro-Swing and Gypsy Jazz group that has been around since about 2005. They currently have only two albums out: Caravan Palace (2008) and Panic (2012). Dramophone is from the 2012 album Panic. I hope you enjoy the video….

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