New Ghost In The Shell Movie

Film poster for the original Ghost in the Shel...

Film poster for the original Ghost in the Shell film, which GitS: SAC is compared to in several reviews. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the first anime I remember being completely in love with was the original Ghost In The Shell movie by Production I.G., based on the works of Masamune Shirow, which I saw back in the mid 90s on a bootleg VHS that actually had pretty decent subtitles. Dystopian transhuman cyberpunk has always piqued my interest. The eventual series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and then the second movie Innocence were works of genius in my opinion.

Then recently I came across the trailer for the new prequel movie, Ghost in the Shell: Arise. This is the origin story of Section 9 and will feature all of the same cyberpunk goodness we’ve come to love from this franchise. Past one will have a limited cinematic release in Japan on June 22nd. Not completely sure when it will make its way to the US or when all four parts of Arise will be finished and released. I suppose technically there will be bootleg versions online likely not long after it hits theaters… so if I’m really impatient I may be able to watch it online by the end of the month.

Now for this week’s Monday Video:

Ghost in the Shell: Arise Trailer

Thanks for watching

Looking forward to seeing this series as well? Big fan of Ghost in the Shell? Maybe you utterly hate the franchise?

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