CaffeinatedNeutral is a newly 30 yr old New Yorker who grew up on a large nearby Island and spent many vacations during his youth in northeastern Pennsylvania. Currently a Copy Writer & Lead In-House SEO for an eCommerce company. Graduated college with a BA in English augmented with years of experience loading & unloading trucks, selling books, making espresso drinks, hitting buttons on cash registers, sorting mail, fixing payphones and putting together various legal documents. A semi-regular attendee of the NY Renaissance Faire, a fan of Steampunk paraphernalia & literature, a once avid Science Fiction reader, a constant pen & paper role-player with a set of dice usually close at hand, and a recent convert to LARPing.

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  1. A renaissance fair? You, sir, are a god :)

      1. apologies for sounding excited, but in the wilds of Ireland, said fairs are only distant dreams.

  2. Would you like to play a game? I’ve started a game and decided to invite table top bloggers to get in on it. It’s not what you think it is though….

    also, I am a creater of teh steampunks

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