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Painted Reaper minis for tabletop role playing.

I’m not dead!

Handling Absence in Gaming Lately I’ve been a little quiet here. Such things as life, work and unexpected events can cause schedules to fall apart. I had too many things getting in the way which made me push off writing… which in turn lead me to thinking I could get it all done later or […]

Shiney new dice to go with a shiny new character.

I’m Not An NPC

I’m the Hero, dammit! I was thinking about some past comments over on the Facebook page that kinda threw me off. I had posted a picture where random cashier realized they were essentially an NPC. Almost immediately after posting it, two people made comments to the extent of “What’s an NPC? I don’t get it” […]

Rolls highest initiative... Critcally fail all attack rolls.

Screwing Up Royally

Lately I’ve been going through a rough patch and find myself messing things up left and right. Its just plain bad and somehow life keeps having me roll Natural 1s every time. So, with that in mind (and since this isn’t the place to vent my personal issues), I thought I’d talk about epically screwing […]


The Narrative and Imagination

Playing Make Believe There are so many misconceptions about tabletop gaming. For some, DD&D was a front for Satanic cults and witchcraft (i.e. Jack Chick‘s tracts from the 80s or Pat Robertson from whenever that clip is from). Others think we’re all basement dwellers with no social skills and bad acne. There are those who […]


I Hate Every System

But I’ll Play Them All… Earlier this week I was hanging out with one of my GMs after work. For the most part we just BS’d about life and the fact that our gaming group can’t seem to ever meet for a game at the same time anymore. We’ve been plagued with the fact that […]


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