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Eclipse Phase Fabbers vs Modern 3D Printers

Sci-Fi Really Isn’t That Far Off From The Truth Sometimes… Science Fiction has a habit of taking concepts and extrapolating them as best it can for the rough equivalent in a hundred or a thousand years. At times this can be pretty off… such as the idea that we would have a terraformed moon with […]

The logo from the Australian tv series Hungry Beast.

The Perfect Soldier

Building better soldiers though medicine & technology Any of you who have played or read through the books for Eclipse Phase will immediately see the outcomes of the proposed technologies and medical enhancements in today’s video. The things they talk about are the potential real world equivalents of circadian regulation, reflex boosters, mnemonic augmentation, and […]

H+ The Digital Series

A look at “H+: The Digital Series”

A darker side of transhumanity When it comes to the ideas of a Transhuman future, I’m much more of an optimist as far as the possibilities and potential goes. H+ The Digital Series takes on the concept of Man-Machine interfaces… enabling human beings to access the the whole of the internet’s functionality wirelessly via a […]

Have a Happy Apocalypse!

So today is the end of the world (apparently) though I’m fairly certain the correct interpretation of the tonalpohualli was supposed to be the end of one cycle and the start of a new one. Some people seem to believe Armageddon will begin or a zombie outbreak or even World War 3. I was kind […]

The Hoverboard is You!

Transhumanity, Singularity and the Confusing Ambiguity of it all. Because sometimes it’s fun playing an intelligent cephalopod in a cybernetically enhanced vat-grown human body with the ability to switch genders every week. My Life as a teenage Computer Program Every day there are people busy working to achieve human immortality, build sentience in the form […]


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