Not like we needed more proof that Wil Wheaton is awesome… This video is about a week old now. I had intended to post it up when I first found it last week but I’ve been bogged down with stuff lately so I dropped the ball on this one. Since then its been making the […]


We’ve come too far to give up who we are So let’s raise the bar and our cups to the stars! I’ve been a Daft Punk fan for… I’m not sure how long… my entire life perhaps? Most of it maybe… a good chunk at least. Man, these guys have been around for what seems […]


Playing Make Believe There are so many misconceptions about tabletop gaming. For some, DD&D was a front for Satanic cults and witchcraft (i.e. Jack Chick‘s tracts from the 80s or Pat Robertson from whenever that clip is from). Others think we’re all basement dwellers with no social skills and bad acne. There are those who […]


Is it still A Capella if there’s musical accompaniment? As far as I’m concerned, adding violin to pretty much anything will make it better. There are few instruments that evoke the same sense of awe and beauty for me. Cello falls into that category as well and today’s video features both! So when stumbling around […]


But I’ll Play Them All… Earlier this week I was hanging out with one of my GMs after work. For the most part we just BS’d about life and the fact that our gaming group can’t seem to ever meet for a game at the same time anymore. We’ve been plagued with the fact that […]


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